Lights out, jazz on! Give To The Max for backup generator

A portable or car radio works when digital TV and WiFi can’t.  When the power goes out, that’s when you likely need your radio for updated information. Unfortunately, power outages can also take Jazz88 off the air!

Over the past few years, KBEM’s technical staff has eliminated most of the “single points of failure” that can cause a disruption in delivering the jazz station you know and love. The electrical feed to our tower is one of the last of these points that exists. With a generator installed, the potential failure point is eliminated.

During Minnesota’s biggest philanthropic holiday of the year, Give To The Max Day, we’re kicking off the effort to fund this investment.  Throughout the rest of 2019 we will ask you to help fuel the campaign to install the backup generator.  Any amount helps.  Here are some details of our project budget:

10,000 Watt Generator – $3,500.00

Estimated power consumption is approximately 5,000 watts. This size generator allows for operating headroom and room to expand.

Transfer Switch – $649.00

200A indoor/outdoor rated automatic transfer switch

Wifi Controller – $249.00

Digital management system, logging, and remote interface

Carb Heater – $159.99

Heats generator carburetor in cold weather conditions

Labor – $10,000

-Pour concrete pad, install gas service, install transfer switch and interlock system for generator

Parts – $750.00

Nuts and bolts, interlock, conduit and wires, plumbing fixtures for gas line


Donate by clicking here.

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