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You may have noticed I’ve been on and off the air more than usual lately. I’m mainly resting myself for the upcoming pledge drive. That kicks off Friday with The Morning Show. We’ll need lots of energy and good vibes to make and surpass our goals. I can’t wait to read your name during the on air thank yous!

As it turns out, I chose my breaks wisely. Having had a barn-burner of a September release season, it’s practically dried up in the intervening weeks. No sooner had we wrapped Arturo O’Farrill’s “Virtual Birdland” (live-esque) date for Zoho Records, a double disc studio effort, “Dreaming In Lions” (Blue Note Records) showed up. While “Virtual” departed radically from his traditional Latin blend, this one is more of a return to form. But it does favor a conceptual, impressionistic style that O’Farrill has been pursuing.

Plus it’s his debut with Blue Note!

Kevin O’Connor

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