The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Bring Fun and Soul to the Hopkins Center for the Arts

If you’re looking to see a show from dour musicians who seem to take themselves much too seriously, the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio is not for you. Saturday’s show (9/17/22) at the Hopkins Center for the Arts demonstrated that this is a brotherhood of musical jokesters, with the three members–Delvon Lamarr (Hammond B3), Jimmy James (guitar), & newest addition, Julian MacDonough (drums)–playfully ribbing and taunting each other on stage, and, perhaps most enjoyably, throwing each other musical curveballs by way of pronounced tempo and key changes and interpolations of riffs from other famous songs worked into their extended jams, seemingly just to mess with each other, as brothers often do. Even in the audience there was a refreshing sense of inclusion, as you’re guessing what’s going to happen next right along with them.

If there’s one word to describe a DLO3 show, it would be fun. Though, a second would be virtuosic. All three are masters at their respective crafts and, while they may be called the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, guitarist Jimmy James absolutely stole the show with his Hendrix-inspired tongue acrobatics on the guitar during a couple particularly soaring, scorching leads.

The evening was a refreshing reminder that art, while a serious pursuit, can still be fun, and to further encapsulate this idea, they closed with the funkiest version of the Sesame Street theme song you’ll ever hear.

Expect a new album from the group in early 2023 (pictured above is Jazz88 Music Director & Afternoon Cruise┬áhost, Sean McPherson, backstage w/ the trio before introducing them). – Andrew Diemand

Hole In One
Don’t Worry ‘Bout What I Do
You Know When I’m Right Or Wrong (tour debut)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (teaser)
You Sexy Thing (teaser)
Move on Up (Curtis Mayfield cover w/ Ghostbusters theme song teaser)
Bounce (new)
Buttered Popcorn (new)
Whole Lotta Love (teaser)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (teaser)
Can’t Hide Love (Earth, Wind & Fire cover)
Sesame Street theme song (cover)

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