Jazz88’s Top 10 Songs of ’22

Greetings! Sean here, Music Director and Afternoon Host at Jazz88. I’m honored to share the Top Ten Songs of 2022 on Jazz88. A quick note about the methodology: I gathered the fifty most played songs on Jazz88 that were released in the year 2022 and then put up a poll for listeners to pick their favorite ten songs among that list. These are the results. I’d like to thank Kevin O’Connor, the previous Music Director and Afternoon Host at Jazz88 who was instrumental in many of the song choices you see here. I’d also like to thank Justus Sanchez, who made some excellent music choices in the months between Kevin’s departure and me taking on the role! As always, I’m welcome to your feedback and very grateful for the feedback we received to be able to compile this list. Please share any feedback or questions with me here: sean@jazz88.fm.


10 – Ronnie Foster“Isn’t She Lovely” from his album Reboot  Listen Here

9 – Ben Sidran – “Lullaby of the Leaves” from his album Swing State  Listen Here

8 – Julian Lage – “Tributary” from his album View With a Room Listen Here

7 – Katalyst and Jazz Is Dead – “The Avenues” from their album “Jazz is Dead 13” Listen Here

6- Domi and JD Beck – “Whatup” from their album Not Tight Listen Here

5 – Samara Joy – “Sweet Pumpkin” from her album Linger Awhile Listen Here

4 – Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – “I Wanna Be Where You Are” from their album Cold as Weiss Listen Here

3 – Makaya McCraven – “Seventh String” from his album In These Times Listen Here

2- Kokoroko – “Age of Ascent” from their album Could We Be More Listen Here


1 – Yellowjackets – “Parallel Motion” from their album Parallel Motion Listen Here









Thanks for checking out this countdown and if you have new music suggestions, or music suggestions in general, contact me at sean@jazz88.fm

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