Live Streams Back After Network Disruption

Network Issues

UPDATE (Mar. 2): Most of our streaming services are restored.  On-Demand programs should come back as their new episodes air.  We’re aware of an issue where TuneIn is carrying Minnesota Jazz Tracks instead of Jazz88 and we have informed them of the problem. Our own Web Player on this site is correct.

Apologies if you’re trying to stream Jazz88, Minnesota Jazz Tracks, or MPS Voices via the web today (Sunday, February 19).  Network issues are affecting Minneapolis Public Schools systems generally, and our live streams specifically.  Until technicians’ work to resolve these issues bears fruit, we won’t be available as a live stream to desktops, laptops, smartphones, smart speakers, or network-enabled Hi Fi systems, regardless of whether you attempt it via our player here at the website or through a third-party application. We have every reason to believe that this service will be restored in the next day, if not sooner.

The good news: Our over-the-air broadcast at 88.5 FM across the Twin Cities region is going strong.  So, if it’s been awhile since you’ve fired up the stereo, alarm clock radio, boombox, or Walkman, this is the perfect excuse to revisit the joys of free, uncompressed analog stereo FM goodness! No Wi-fi or cell service required!

Additionally, our archive of locally-produced On-Demand audio is working fine. Browse selections like the broad-based Good Acoustics show, the bleeding-edge Jazz Futures, or our recently-launched Luca’s Juke Joint for a holistic look at the Blues. It’s all on our On-Demand page.  The Jazz88 Podcast also offers short-form conversations and music snippets. It’s available wherever you get your podcasts.

Thank you for bearing with us. We’re glad to have several different outlets up and available to serve you even in light of a network issue like we’re experiencing today. – Travis Ryder

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