Deep Dive: Bobbi Humphrey’s “Blacks and Blues”

When an album gets sampled over and over by hip-hop artists, it’s a clear indicator that something incredibly funky was happening on said release. In the case of Bobbi Humphrey’s Blacks and Blues, there’s a reason so many artists gravitate to the sounds.

Larry Mizell laid down the compositions for Humphrey to sink into, with beautiful sounds emanating from her flute and, at times, from her vocals as well. Throughout the outing, I feel a breezy, funky spirit supplied by the cream-of-the-crop session musicians doing work on world-class synthesizers, creating the supportive instrumental beds from which the singular talent of Bobbi Humphrey could be in stark relief. If you like your jazz breezy and funky, this is a record that deserves a listen. Or fifty.

I hope you’ll tune in to today’s Afternoon Cruise. We set sail at 3 PM! – Sean McPherson

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