Kavyesh Kaviraj is Bringing a Star-Studded Ensemble to the Next JazzClectic Concert (Sept. 15)

Kavyesh Kaviraj is in demand in the Twin Cities as a phenomenal pianist. Throughout his ten years in the Twin Cities, he’s developed quite the network of players to call on when he’s leading the bandstand, so when he took on the duty of curating a Jazz88 JazzClectic pop-up concert, he knew just who to call.

Listen below for the scoop on Kaviraj’s lineup for this Friday’s JazzClectic performance, including Miguel Hurtado (drums), Stephanie Wieseler (saxophone), Anthony Cox (bass), and DeCarlo Jackson (trumpet):

This interview aired on The Afternoon Cruise 9/13/23

Details about the show:

JazzClectic in Highland Park, St. Paul
Date: September 15th
Time: 5:30 to 7
Location: Civic Plaza at Highland Bridge (2219 Bohland Ave, St, Paul)
Cost: Free


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