Hot New Local Singles: David Feily

You probably saw David Feily play this year. Whether you were taking in the MPLS String Project, LA Buckner and Big HomiE or the BZ3 Organ Trio, chances are Feily was up there with his guitar, his bass or splitting the difference on his Fender VI. This tireless collaborator also got into the studio this year and cut a breathtaking version of Proto-Cosmos, the Allan Holdsworth tune that was a fixture in Tony Williams’ Lifetime band. For David’s version he decided to play the bass part on his Fender VI and enlisted Mike Salow on guitar and Austin Lee on drums. What a treat. This week we are highlighting his single, “Proto-Cosmos.”

Hot New Local Singles highlights new, local songs. Minnesota has a lot of great jazz, funk, soul, and jazz- adjacent music. Jazz88 is highlighting what is fresh.

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