Hot New Local Singles: Lucia Sarmiento

Lucia Sarmiento hails from Peru but she’s been carving a path with the Twin Cities as her homebase for ten years. In that time she has toured internationally with some of the biggest names in music include Karol G and Pitbull. But when Sarmiento is in town she can fit in in almost any musical situation with her masterful command of the alto sax. For her latest release she tapped some of her prime collaborators like David Feily (guitar), Ry Dill (bass), Will Kjeer (piano) and Austin Lee (drums) to lay down a sonic landscape built off of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tune “Porcelain”. In this instance, Sarmiento also adds in her voice. Now she’s a double threat! After she delivers the lyric she provides a sublime sax solo that speaks as clearly to me as her voice does. Glad to see more music from Lucia Sarmiento!

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