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Joel Shapira: “In Essence” The guitar, and its distant kin, the piano, are self-contained orchestras. Few other instruments possess their range in dynamics and melodic potential. If you’re going to master either, it helps to be keenly aware of that. It also doesn’t hurt to have a universal sphere of interests. I can’t think of...
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Bobb Fantauzzo
Bobb Fantauzzo led a stellar group in the third “A Weaving of Traditions” concert at the Minnesota History Center in April. Recorded for broadcast, the program is now available on demand. It is commonly held that jazz developed out of a synthesis of European and African music. However, few people are aware that jazz was also...
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WTF Studio Session
WTF is a five-piece band from Minneapolis with jazz and indie rock influences and stylings. The leader of the band is Warren Thomas Fenzi; the band name is his initials. They just launched a kickstarter campaign to help release their upcoming debut album. He recently sat down with Justus Sanchez for an interview and performance.    ...
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Broadbent Graphic
Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’: “TajMo” (Concord) If I ruled the world, and it is decidedly a good thing that I do not, all my recording pipe dreams would bear fruit. Given two brilliant acoustic blues musicians for one recording session, for example, I’d insist that they keep it raw. To quote Jerry Seinfeld: “I’m...
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Regina Marie Williams
Regina Marie Williams: American Songbook When Regina Williams sings her songs, she is putting her spin on great renditions that she’s experienced. Regina covers a big swath of the Great American Songbook, and told Phil Nusbaum about her approach. “It starts with her eyes, transparent and luminous windows to her emotions. Whether with a baleful...
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