Jazz in the Target Atrium: At The Piano on demand

Jazz in the Target Atrium: At The Piano

Clockwise from top: Nichols, Santiago, Walker, and Lomheim. 

Jazz in the Target Atrium: At The Piano, available on demand now.

Four top pianists from the Twin Cities scene take their turn on the bench.  According to the Minnesota Orchestra website:

Chris Lomheim is a pianist whose rich harmony is always accompanied by swinging, bluesy improvisation.

Bryan Nichols possesses formidable technique expressed through adventurous modernism.

Javier Santiago is a hard-driving virtuoso versed in the jazz tradition.

Jeremy Walker’s pianism is quirky and expressive, with a restless imagination.”

Recorded live at Orchestra Hall on February 23rd, and distilled to the one-hour Jazz in the Target Atrium radio special, which debuted on Jazz88 March 10.  Travis Ryder hosts.

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