MN Jazz Legends 2018 available on demand

Jazz Elders 2018

Join Patty Peterson in honoring our jazz pioneers. The broadcast of the Minnesota Jazz Legends: The Elders concert, recorded live at the Minnesota History Center in April is now available on demand.

Patty Peterson

Patty reminisces with several Twin Cities jazz legends who have achieved local and national acclaim: Bob Gilbertson on drums, Ahmed AbdulKarim on trumpet and Reuben Ristrom on guitar.  Also included is a tribute to the late vocalist/keyboardist, Jimmy Bowman.

You’ll hear these jazz legends play music they love, and discuss how their individual journeys have become the musical history of Minnesota.

“Our Minnesota Legends are living proof that Jazz, which was born here in America, is still alive and thriving in Minnesota, regardless of one’s age,” Peterson says. “By featuring these artists in this unique live concert/radio format, we will learn what the musical environment was like in the Twin Cities at the beginning of their careers, and how it has unfolded into today’s jazz scene. The history and the stories of these artists will enlighten young and old alike, and prove just how fortunate we are to have so many incredible artists still residing in Minnesota, performing their craft.”

This production of Minnesota Jazz Legends is made possible through support from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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