Jazz in the Atrium: now with mezzo

Jeremy Walker, Clara Osowski, Kevin Washington, Brandon Wozniak, Anthony Cox

The latest edition of Jazz in the Target Atrium from Orchestra Hall features four stalwart members of the Atrium Ensemble plus acclaimed mezzo-soprano Clara Osowski.  Hear it at 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16 on 88.5 and streaming live at jazz88.fm.  An extended cut will be accessible on demand and via podcast at 9 p.m. Saturday as well.

This show features the instrumentalists group revisiting compositions featured during the five-year tenure of the concert series, as well as collaborations with Osowski. Our broadcast version is heavy on the new material, but the version streaming on demand and on the Jazz88 Podcast include equal parts of both material.


Jeremy Walker, piano and artistic director

Clara Osowski, vocals

Brandon Wozniak, saxophone

Anthony Cox, bass

Kevin Washington, drums

Listen On Demand:

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