We’re back in studio!


Hello dear listener!

I’m gushing as I write this week’s entry. As always, I am overwhelmed by the generous support and bounteous comments from the Jazz 88 listening family. Working remotely for the last three pledge drives as I have, I’ve spent more time on the phones. While I miss the volunteers, it’s been a rejuvenating experience to chat and take memberships with so many of you. So this week’s missive from the music library is mainly one of gratitude. Thank you all.

Having spent the last week or so focusing on pledge on-air, off-air has been dominated by tearing down the home studio and hauling all the gear back to our facility in North High School. It feels good to be home again and meet new staff and reunite with colleagues. I have not had any opportunity to write about or listen to new music.

Next week: High Note music from Charlie Sepulveda and Jim Snidero.

Briefly on the local scene, our friend Leslie Vincent and Emily Dussault make up the duo “Champagne Drops” and we debuted a title track from their new release “Side By Side.”

They have a release gig coming up and here’s a link to all things Champagne Drops. Cheers!



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