This Just In: A New Music Round Up – Friday March 1 from Music Director Sean McPherson

Greetings! Every Friday I’ll be bringing you some highlights of new music we are featuring here on Jazz88. This is all connected to This Just In, our weekly show that celebrates new jazz releases. You can catch This Just In, hosted by moi, on Fridays at Noon on 88.5 or catch it on your own schedule from our show page.

If you have input about the music we’re playing, or ideas about what else we should be playing, let me know please! I can be reached at

HeyArlo “Chanting and Gossip” a new single Listen Here

HOT OFF THE DOWNLOADS! We got this track on Monday but it was so exciting we had to jump right on it and get it in rotation. The groove is patient, hypnotic and like HeyArlo’s other tune, it unfolds to reveal more and more as the song progresses. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to call guitarist Evan Slack a secret weapon given that he plays with so many great groups including Purple Funk Metropolis, HeyArlo and tours with Sid Sriram. But his subtle style and rhythm first style is such a treasure on everything he touches.

Julian Lage – “Speak to Me” from this album Speak to Me  Listen Here

I’m a bass player and I love Julian Lage. But I can almost guarantee you, if you ask a guitar player they love Julian Lage. He’s doing really special things on the instrument and not in a wanky way. In fact, I’d call the majority of his recent output somewhat understated. More of a taking in the landscape than putting his guitar mastery on front street. In my first couple listens to this new record I’m hearing a lot more insistence and drive from Lage’s guitar playing. He’s still melding in beautifully with his fellow players, including Golden Valley’s own Dave King, but Lage is definitely in the driver’s seat in a new way. Happy new Julian Lage release day to all who celebrate!

Manzanita Quintet – “Apex” from their album Osmosis Listen Here

Thanks to our morning show host for turning me on to the Manzanita Quintet. Their drummer, Andrew Heglund, hails from Minnesota and the group out of Reno certainly packed a punch when they performed late last year over at KJ’s Hideaway. The group’s sound is much more expansive than you might imagine from a quintet. By utilizing different textures for rhythmic support throughout the song I could be convinced this was a nine or ten piece band. The writing and improvising is also exciting throughout the tune, with twists and turns showing up throughout the track.

Orgone  – “The Husk” from their album Chimera Listen Here

I like my funk a little nasty and a little haunting some times. Nothing wrong with good clean funk but this one sits just right with me. A reverb drenched guitar. Lightly distorted drums with a touch of echo and some low organ and piano to explore the space. It develops from there, but every development is kind of spooky, kind of nasty, kind of cinematic. Get nasty with me and let’s check out Orgone.

Thanks for checking out This Just In, and be sure to shoot an email over to if you have any input about our music programming!

-Sean McPherson

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