This Just In: A New Music Round Up – Friday March 21 from Music Director Sean McPherson

Greetings! Every Friday I’ll be bringing you some highlights of new music we are featuring here on Jazz88. This is all connected to This Just In, our weekly show that celebrates new jazz releases. You can catch This Just In, hosted by moi, on Fridays at Noon on 88.5 or catch it on your own schedule from our show page.

If you have input about the music we’re playing, or ideas about what else we should be playing, let me know please! I can be reached at

Alliance with Sharel Cassity and Colleen Clark – “Maiden Voyage” from their new album Alliance Listen Here

Sharel Cassity is becoming a household name on Shifting Paradigm releases and we are all for it. Cassity’s work with Precarious Towers has been getting heavy spins here on Jazz88 and it’s wonderful to have more to share. In this instance the star of the tune is bassist Carmani Edwards. She wrote the arrangement for Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage” and frankly it’s the first arrangement I’ve heard of the tune that doesn’t make me just want to go re-listen to the original. Though the tune is a slightly slower, it’s lighter on its feet with subtle dextrous work provided by Colleen Clark (d) and Carmani Edwards on the bass.

Chris Potter– “Dream of Home” from his new album Eagle’s Point Listen Here

Here’s a real question. Would my record collection be better if I just blindly picked up EVERY. SINGLE. RELEASE. that Brian Blade ever played drums on? I am convinced it isn’t just what he does as a drummer, it’s what other people do when he’s the drummer. Chris Potter brought in great charts and Brad Mehldau and John Patitucci are far from up and comers, but for me this whole record is about hearing the way Chris Potter and Brian Blade relate to each other. It’s a joy through and through. And don’t Chris Potter in town on Friday evening at the Dakota with the SF Jazz Collective.

Hermanos Gutiérrez – “Blood Milk Moon” a single  Listen Here

Apparently the brothers from Hermanos Gutiérrez wanted to do a little celebrating down in Mexico City and they invited their whole band and Dan Auerbach down for the affair. During their roof top dinner they saw a moon that just captured their spirit and they brought the energy of the moon into the studio with them to explore a tune that Estevan Gutiérrez had started working on. Believe it or not, I can hear that celebratory but moody moonshine vibe all over this tune. Take most songs, slow em down and drench em in reverb they might come off a little moony. But this one is special, I can hear the joy, the triumph, the celebration and I can feel the shine of the moon. It’s a gorgeous combination.

Thanks for checking out This Just In, and be sure to shoot an email over to if you have any input about our music programming!

-Sean McPherson

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