Hot New Local Singles: Ned Kantar

Nowadays technology is mostly making things worse. But from time to time I’m reminded about the experiences that technology affords us. Ned Kantar, an in-demand pianist and bandleader in the Twin Cities decided to dust off some big band charts during the pandemic and write some new ones. After a quick chat with fellow arranger Adi Yeshaya, Kantar concocted a plan to connect with a top-flight big band in Budapest who specialize in reading down charts for writers and arrangers from all around the world. The band is one of the best reading bands in the world and they shine on the early jazz classic. “After You’ve Gone.” Technology from time to time, delivers a win.

Hot New Local Singles highlights new, local songs. Minnesota has a lot of great jazz, funk, soul, and jazz- adjacent music. Jazz88 is highlighting what is fresh.

Listen to a clip here:

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