This Just In: A New Music Round Up – Friday April 12 from Music Director Sean McPherson

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HeyArlo  – “Chanting and Gossip” a new single from the band  Listen Here

I expect new projects to often sound overly ambitious at their first couple stabs at studio recording. There’s a desire to impress each other, a desire to make it count cause who knows how long the project will last. I hear the opposite in HeyArlo. With two songs released the band sounds comfortable creating and solving small problems for themselves. They lay out a groove, find the borders of it and offer up a story within the groove. The effect of HeyArlo is measured, gorgeous and memorable. Drop an extra star on Evan Slack for his softly auto-wah pyrotechnic solo that still stays true to the overall texture of the groove. Now let’s get a full length out before I turn 50 please.

Aaron Diehl – “Aries” from his latest album Zodiac Suite Listen Here

Mary Lou Williams wasn’t just ahead of her time, in many regards she’s ahead of ours too. The world is still hesitant to place the genius crown onto women in general, and sadly even more hesitant to place such praise on a Black woman in particular. But pianist Aaron Diehl faces no such hardship in recognizing the genius of Mary Lou Williams and the orchestral splendor of her Zodiac Suite. Penned in 1945 the piece never received the full orchestrated recording it so obviously deserves. On Diehl’s new album he reopened up the book with a great sound quartet and orchestra and gave Williams’ magnum opus the attention it deserves. It’s hard to pick one representative track, but Aries comes the closest to capturing the overall scope of the work.

Sly5thAve – “Big Brother feat. Daniel Wytantis” from his new album Liberation  Listen Here

Sly5thAve is rising out of the fertile Snarky Puppy/Ghost-Note family to establish his own voice as an uber-talented composer/producer and sax player. The new record Liberation sounds like a business card record meant to tell the world about all the different styles/textures that Sly can bring to the table. But it hangs together as a cohesive listen thanks to Sly5thAve’s expertise as a writer. I can’t imagine I’ll be spending many 2024 summer nights hanging where this record won’t be on repeat.

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-Sean McPherson

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