Hot New Local Singles: Cory Wong

Cory Wong and his ascent to become one of the biggest jazz acts working today can often be taken for granted in his own backyard. For years Wong has been a fixture in our scene, showing up at jam sessions, collaborating with world class players and always letting his music do the talking. Here in the Twin Cities, none of that has changed, but nowadays Cory Wong is selling out shows all over the world. One listen to his music and it’s understandable how his brand of caffeinated funk music has become a major draw. We’re just glad he’s still hanging around town when he’s off the road and bringing so many great Twin Cities musicians with him when he is out traveling. The single for this week is “Assasin.” This video was made at Paisley Park and that seems right with the anniversary of Prince’s death this week. Watch Cory Wong COOK on this tune.

Hot New Local Singles highlights new, local songs. Minnesota has a lot of great jazz, funk, soul, and jazz- adjacent music. Jazz88 is highlighting what is fresh.


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