Twin Cities players salute Hargrove Tuesday night

Roy Hargrove

A group of top Twin Cities players will honor the music, influence, and spirit of the late trumpeter Roy Hargrove Tuesday night at The Dakota.  The show will include contributions from Debbie Duncan, Jeff Bailey, Kevin Washington, Kavyesh Kaviraj, Solomon Parham, Adam Meckler, Omar AbdulKarim, and special guest Justin Robinson from the Roy Hargrove Quintet.

A versatile player who made his mark on hard bop, Afro-Cuban, and hip-hop styles, and inspired a new generation of young instrumentalists, Hargrove died from complications of kidney failure November 2 at the age of 49.  Many of the players at Tuesday’s event share personal and professional connections with Hargrove.  Trumpeter Omar AbdulKarim and drummer Kevin Washington joined Justus Sanchez to tell their stories and talk about the show:

Originally aired Fri., Dec. 14 on The Morning Show with Justus Sanchez

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