Sommelier Jill Mott on Low-Alcohol Wines

Sommelier Jill Mott stopped by Jazz88 to talk about low-alcohol options if you want to lower your alcohol intake but still enjoy wine and beer, and offers up some healthier-than-normal home remedies for the cold and flu season. You can follow Jill on Instagram @tomato_bisque

Low alcohol wines
Most sparkling wines are between 10.5-12.5%
German Riesling option
Pet Nats: This Bubbly Wine Trend is Taking Over the Twin Cities
Txakolina (Basque, white wine) and more! Lower-alcohol wines are taking off
Forlorn Hope Ost Intrigen (red, domestic wine)

Session Beers
Evil Twin Bikini beers
Bang Tres
HammerHeart Sif’s Locks
Wild Minds Château Reserve Hoppy Table Beer & Grey Owl Grisette
Berliner Weisse style

Creative alternatives
“Cavabucha” = Cava (Spanish, sparkling wine + your favorite kombucha). Don’t be afraid of mixing it up.
“Pét Nat-buchas” = one part Pét Nat, one part kombucha,
“Secbuch” = Prosecco + kombucha
Champagne + kombucha = swankbuch? Champbuch? Possibilities are endless!

“Sidrabucha” = Sidra (Spanish, unfiltered, funky cider + your favorite kombucha). Of course, experimenting with other great quality ciders is encouraged!
Hot tea + honey + a thimble full of Sherry = nutty, earthy, sweet, and a healthier “toddy” than any I’ve experienced this time of year!

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