Sommelier Jill Mott with Irish Coffee and Spring Grape Varietals

Sommelier Jill Mott came to the Jazz88 studio to talk about making Irish coffee, tasty grape varietals to try in the spring and how the techniques of wine-making change a wine’s character.

Originally aired Wednesday, March 20, 2019 on the Morning Show with Emily Reese


Jill’s Irish Coffee recipe:

•Whip heavy whipping cream until thick, whip cream-like consistency. Do not add sugar.
•Heat mug w/ hot water
•8oz coffee (slightly darker roast is best, Chemex is preferred but a Mocha pot or regular coffee maker works well too)
•Stir to dissolve, .75 Tbsp of brown sugar
•Add 1.5 oz of your favorite Irish Whiskey (I prefer Bushmills) & gently stir
•Dollop a generous spoonful of whipped cream atop coffee/whiskey elixir.
Excellent German varietals to enjoy this early Spring: (favorite producers in parenthesis)
Sylvaner (Stefan Vetter)
Scheurebe (Katharina Vechsler)
Müller-Thurgau (2Naturkinder, Brand Brothers)
Spätburgunder (Wasenhaus, Keller)
Dornfelder (Brand Brothers)
Tips for electing wines not by grape varietal, but by characteristics/wine making techniques:
This will make for refreshing wines, perfect for this time of year. Ask your local wine shop guru, server, or sommelier for wines of this fashion – they’ll certainly get you the perfect wine to enjoy post Equinox.
•Wines fermented/aged in concrete
•Medium-high acid wines (don’t be afraid of acidity! This is one of the main textures that separates wine from water and makes you want to persist sipping and eating)
•Low tannin wines/reds (tannins dry out your mouth and while they’re great if you’re enjoying certain foods, cocktailing with higher tannin wines can make for a tiresome experience)

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