Great Deals on Wine and Cider with Jill Mott

Sommelier Jill Mott talks about some of the greatest deals (delicious taste for low cost!) on wine and cider to be found in the Twin Cities on Jazz88’s Morning Show. From Jill:

Throughout many of my years in the wine business, I’ve come across a wine rep, Fanny from France, who comes to the States to sell. I’ve always loved her enthusiasm for the wineries she represents, but was blown away when I found out Fanny herself had taken the leap to actually making/blending wine. She acquired organic Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah grapes grown on clay soils in the heart of southern France and made a delicious sipper that’s perfect for NOW. The wine ages in concrete and stainless steel retaining a bright, stern fruit notion so popular in wines from the Rhône without being flamboyant; the palate is medium bodied, comprised, and sturdy, with dusty tannins. The perfect everyday red that pairs just as well with evening fare as it does without.
If there’s one thing you’ll want to take from this article, it’s that Faith Armstrong is a fabulous winemaker crafting some of the purest and juiciest wines from northern Cali. You may ask, $13.99 for a can of wine?! 12oz = a half bottle so that’s a darn good amount of pet nat (sparkling wine). This is flawless in a kayak, on the front porch, in the shower, or at the movie theater (I swear I didn’t write that!). Crisp and revitalizing, tight, Malvasia-papaya-tangerine fruit seduces on the finish and the focused bubbles are all naturally produced in the can! Indigenous yeast fermented. Baller!
This is my “sleeper” cider, meaning, it just hides there on the shelf awaiting the discovery of a lucky patron. Poiré means pear in French and this cider is 100% pears (no concentrates, no fillers, just straight up juice). “Domfront” on the label means a) the wine hails from a single sub-region in Normandy, b) only indigenous yeasts can be used to ferment the wine, c) only natural effervescence can reside within (read: no CO2 injection here!), and much more! This bottle is dry with flashy fruit, the very core of pear essence, with a light and tumble mousse all from 100+ year old pear trees. This cider lives up to twice its price. Drink from a nice beer/wine glass to receive all the blossoming aromatics living within.

Originally aired Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019 on the Morning Show with Emily Reese.

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