Jill Mott: Spring Wine Recommendations and Knowing Your Importer



Brendan Tracey Gorge Sèche 2017 | Loire Valley, France

Brendan Tracey has brought us such out there, cool wines, there can be no mention of the Loire Valley anywhere on the label. When a wine doesn’t play by the “rules” they are relegated to the Vin de France category which does not allow vintage/origin. Best thing is, when you know where to look, this once inferior wine category is where many misfits of winemaking hang their hats, not playing by governmental policies nor the rule book that states how wines have to be made. These producers are usually producing tiny quantities of truthful, pure juice and Brendan’s wines are no exception.

Gorge Sèche means “dry throat” in French and this wine cures just that. He’s blending Pineau d’Aunis + Gamay de Bouze (a colored flesh version of Gamay) creating dazzling, lean red fruits and meadow herbs that just won’t quit. It invites one sip after another, the palate vivacious and light to medium-bodied – perfect for springtime! This bright vinous star can handle red meat and other proteins but is also delicious on its own with about a twenty-minute chill in the fridge. When this wine’s on the table, it’s usually the first to go.

KNOW YOUR IMPORTER to help you learn what you like as they usually have an m.o. when purchasing (natural, good value, big box, etc.)

Recommended importers:

Vom Boden – Germany/Austrian wines

Selection Massale – Mostly natural wines (mostly French)

Sensus Wines (available at Henry & Son & Bar Brava only at this time) – Natural wines

Jenny & Francois – Mostly natural wines

SelectioNatural – Mostly natural wines (Italian)

PortoVino – Italian wines (natural emphasis)

Jill Mott Selections – Natural Spanish wines

José Pastor – Spanish wines

Selections de la Viña – Spanish wines (natural emphasis) 


So many rosés to experience. Of course there’s the Provencial-style (light and quaffable) but there are also rosé pet nats, Champagnes, dark rosés that drink almost like reds, frizzante-style wines and light rosés the world over. Indulge in experimenting with rosés outside your comfort zone this Spring. You won’t regret it! 


Originally aired Wednesday, Mar. 04, 2020 on the Morning Show with Emily Reese.

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