Hot New Local Singles: BZ3 Organ Trio

Don’t make the mistake of calling the BZ3 Organ Trio a jazz group. Sure, jazz is in there, but they are an organ trio through and through; comfortable working funk, blues, reggae and more into their repertoire. For their rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Too High” they tapped one of the greatest vocalists working in the Twin Cities, “The Juice!,” Julius Collins, a fixture on Sunday nights over at Bunker’s with Dr. Mambo’s Combo, did Wonder justice with a faithful rendition that never sounds like karaoke. The BZ3 Organ Trio holds courts at Schooner Tavern in S. Minneapolis on the last Wednesday of every month.

Hot New Local Singles highlight new local songs. Minnesota has a lot of great jazz, funk, soul and jazz adjacent music. Jazz88 is highlighting what is fresh.

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